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Picture Books & Chapter Books are always close to my heart after teaching primary students for 30+ years.

They entertain. They encourage. They empower. They teach empathy and are a child's first steps into the world of books.

Books are like  magic. 

You can step onto the page and into another world or another life, for a belly flop into laughter,

or to solve every problem known to humankind.

I  love  writing children's books. And somewhere inside my head, or on my computer, there is   always  a children's book being created. 

Julieann Wallace 

capt Vertigo front cover 16.02.23.jpg
978-0-6451581-1-3 Henry Bear 7 _cov.jpg
Lily's Lollies .jpg
who said final cover.jpg
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Blueberry Swirl new cover fc.jpg
with all of my heart cover.jpg
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