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© Jules 

Picture Books are always close to my heart.

They entertain. They encourage. They empower.

They teach empathy and guide children to understanding others.

And they are a child's first steps into the world of books.

Picture books are crucial in continuing and nurturing a bond between the reader and the listener - whether it be an adult reading to a child, or a child reading to an adult, or a teacher reading to a class ... It is has been academically proven that picture books make children smarter!

I LOVE picture books - they create beautiful memories of carefree childhoods ... and somewhere inside my head, or on my computer, there is ALWAYS a picture book being created. Have you read a picture book or chapter book snuggled under the covers with your child, reading with a torch? You should try it. It's a beautiful memory to treasure!

Books are magic. Step onto the page and into another world, another life. 

You can purchase my books from online bookstores including Amazon, or if you want a signed copy, click on the image and it will take you to Lilly Pilly Publishing, where you can order from there. Check out the descriptions of the books on the website to grab your FREE shipping coupon code.