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Amelia Grace

Julieann writes novels under the pseudonym - Amelia Grace

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New Novel coming 2024

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The highly anticipated sequel to The Colour of BrokenA portion of proceeds will be donated to Macquarie University, where they are searching for a cure for Meniere's Disease.


Buy a signed copy: All the Colours Above - signed by the author | lillypillypublishing

Print book at online bookstores. eBook at Amazon - 

Ask your local library to order in a copy.

All the Colours Above

A tree. A dare. And a wish that can't be unwished.

INDIGO FEATHER DANUBE is a neuroscientist studying memories, how to access them, then remove them, digitally.

One day, her parents implore her to attend a reunion at the park of her youth, where TOBIAH BROOKS dares her to climb the Jacaranda tree of her childhood. But first, she must remember who he is. Every story has a beginning. At the beginning of Indigo and Tobiah’s story, is a girl who meets a boy. A girl who wasn’t in the habit of falling in love, until her heart bloomed with the scent of citrus, spice, and sweet fruit, surrounded by a dreamy and exhilarating melody. Until ... that day that can’t be undone. On that day of the wish that can’t be unwished. And that moment in time ... when she learned the truth.

Mirror. Mirror. Two mirrors. Two of me. Who am I?

Introducing the characters:

INDIGO FEATHER DANUBE - a neuroscientist, researching memories and how to download them digitally, to help victims of trauma.

DR XANDER PARKER - a Meniere's medical researcher, who is working with nanobot technology to cure Meniere's disease.

SCARLETT - Indigo's best friend, who is deaf, uses sign language, and receives a cochlear implant.

TOBIAH - the executor of the dare.


Meniere's Disease is in Chapters 6, 11, 16, 23 of the novel, as well as in the end pages 'Behind the Story.'

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The Colour of Broken was  longlisted for 'Adaptable - from book to screen, 2021 & 2022' in partnership with the Queensland Writers Centre and Screen Queensland, for potential book to screen adaption with producers, showrunners and screenwriters.

100% of profits are donated to Macquarie University for Meniere's research to help find a cure.

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Audiobook - The Colour of Broken by Amelia Grace | Audiobook |

Print book at online bookstores. eBook at Amazon - 

Ask your local library to order in a copy.

The Colour of  Broken

A dark secret. A note. Run.


The streets of Tarrin wake to a beautiful morn. Flowers for Fleur opened, gifting the township its colourful blooms and magical flower fragrances convincing people the world is indeed a beautiful place. Except, it was a lie. There was darkness within. A darkness that sought to rise and consume the light of two souls. 


Yolande Lawrence-Harrison is three things. Smart. A synesthete. And a fake florist. She has returned from aerospace engineering to assist her chronically ill grandmother, learning the science of beauty and flower art. But the reality is, Yolande is far from beautiful. She is a psychological mess grappling with anxiety, PTSD, trust issues, deep self-loathing and a dark secret. 


One day as Yolande fusses with roses in the bicycle basket, trying desperately not to give them the kiss of death, she discovers a note.  Alexander Parker is three things. Smart. A danseur. And the author of the note. When Yolande is forced to meet him, she sees through his façade where his flawlessness is a practiced deceit. Yolande detests every moment of coerced company with Alexander, but is he what Yolande and Grandmother Fleur need to fight the darkness within? 

The Colour of Broken has been #1 on Amazon in it's category, 3 times. 

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Print book at online bookstores. eBook at  Amazon -


New Adult Novel 

Published by Lilly Pilly Publishing


He has been on the Earth for four hundred years. All he wants to do is to become mortal so he can die and return to his spiritual home. His Protector is counting on him, for if he does not learn his last earthly lesson, they will be imprisoned as human immortals until the end of time ... a cruel and torturous fate...

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Print book at all online bookstores. eBook at Amazon - 

The Book Keeper

a New Adult Novel

Published by Lilly Pilly Publishing


Two people. Two lives. One has the power to change a life. The other has the power to end it. She is an empath, a healer. He walks alone. The targeted. The hunted … his digital history erased.

And there was a man. Not born of the womb.

An Ancient Book appears and only the eyes of the Book Keeper can read it. And the rules cannot be broken.


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